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Our goal is to provide a worry free experience for our clients – we step into your shoes and run your building the way you would.

Bytown Property Management has more than 25 years experience serving downtown Ottawa and its surrounding communities. Formerly part of Cityview Rental Services, we continue to offer quality service specializing in all sizes of properties – large or small. We currently manage over 150 units in 20 buildings, mostly in the downtown core.

Why the name Bytown? We chose this because it is the name of the town that became Central Ottawa, and is still its nickname. The name Bytown represents tradition and history, which still can be seen in the architecture of this beautiful city. Many of the buildings that we manage have the same heritage features of early Bytown.

Bytown Property Management strives to maximize owner profitability and provide good property management service at competitive rates.

 Contact us to discuss options and services available to suite your property management needs.

Valerie Wiseman and her team have been managing residential rental units for me for 16 plus years in Central Ottawa. Bytown is a one-stop service that takes care of all my landlord responsibilities, right from getting a place promptly and well rented to any and all interactions with my tenants and then hands me a completed set of books at tax time. Bytown takes care of the day to day challenges of dealing with my tenants and my old and less than perfect buildings and I sleep better at night.
— Patricia Howell, Landlord, Realtor
Once my husband and I decided to spend our winters in Florida we realized that we would have to find a property manager to look after our retirement fund, which is how we see our properties. We have found the staff at Bytown to be responsive, concerned and attentive. It has been a number of years now and we have been very satisfied with their performance and thoroughness in the management of our properties and we are happy to recommend them to our clients.
— Susan Anderson and Rick Locatelli, Landlords, Realtors

Our Services Include:

  • handle all tenant calls and requests for service
  • send workers to repair or service the property when needed
  • send official notices to tenants when issues arise
  • increase rent annually according to Government regulations
  • collect all rent monthly
  • pay the landlord monthly
  • provide the landlord with a monthly report with income, expenses and any notes of issues that have arisen
  • oversee a walk-through of the property twice a year to turn the external water on/off, check the proper functioning of smoke detectors, and evaluate the condition of the property.