Here is information that effects all tenants in all properties. Go to "Find your Property" to the left and click on the link to your building to get specific information about where you live.


All tenants have rights and responsibilities. Among these  you have the right to quiet enjoyment of your rental space. If your apartment includes heat then you have the right to expect that it will be working at the legally required temperature during the cold months. You have the right to have your unit and common areas maintained to an acceptable standard. Except for emergencies, you have the right to 24 hours notice when entry is required for standard maintenance. Once you give notice to vacate, you have the right to reasonable notice before the landlord shows your apartment and the showings must be within reasonable hours.


Your responsibilities include paying rent on the first of each month. Being considerate towards your neighbors and keeping noise levels down. Respect the property which includes keeping your rental unit clean and safe. Never remove batteries from smoke detectors as this is a fire hazard. Tenants are required to give 60 days notice, in writing at the end of a rental period (one year, or month to month) and the final day must fall on the last day of a month. You are responsible to remove all items from your unit, when you vacate, including garbage, and to leave your apartment clean for the next tenant.